This page acts as a preview, more details and interactive elements will be added in further updates as well as an improvement on the design, meanwhile please take a look at GenProxy screenshots and visit the live and/or source code if opened to access


GenProxy is born from the menace of Data Leak through LLM, the main purpose of this tool is not only to bring companies a way to easily control what is happening in popular chatbots but also help employees to use it freely

GenProxy will be released as a script in order to make it easy to be adapted into existing proxy services, and even that the first release won't include extra functions appart of logging further updates will implement API service to communicate with SIEMs and request block if sensible data is detected in prompt


Easy to implement

Built with python and without libraries this project aims to be able to work in the largest number of machines

API Functions

The idea is to implement some API functionalities to not only log what is happening in GenAI websites but also be able to communicate with tools like a SIEM

AI to control AI

In order to detect and classify the possible sensitive data used in prompts GenProxy is planned to implement communication with a LLM Model to detect patterns like Names, Mails, Company Info...