Dynamic Clock.

This page acts as a preview, more details and interactive elements will be added in further updates as well as an improvement on the design, meanwhile please take a look at Dynamic Clock screenshots and visit the live and/or source code if opened to access


Dynamic Clock is a fast project coded in a boring and rainy monday, it draws a classic clock SVG but modifies the hour and minute hands based on current time

Presents a fully customizable color and lenght of elements as well as controls to avoid graphic errors, even not my priority I'm planning on designing a family of this kind of animated SVG with multiple items


Easy to implement

Built as a svg component using typescript this component works on every react-based app

Fully Customizable

From colors to sizes this icon the clock is built to be easily customizable

Customization Control

The component is designed to avoid user-errors by controlling the difference of sizes and colors to make sure all elements are visible

Plans of family

Even it's not my priority right now I'd like to create an enitire family of this minimalistic and simple animated svg