This page acts as a preview, more details and interactive elements will be added in further updates as well as an improvement on the design, meanwhile please take a look at HERMES screenshots and visit the live and/or source code if opened to access


Complete setup simulation for an e-bike rental business model idea, the company will be based on freedom and unity and every element you'll see in the web portal, social media or desgins will be crafted from 0 to fit into that values

Hermes aims to be a complete project, for that will use MERN Stack + NextJS and will implement Postgres and Kafka to get the best of both kind of DB architectures, I'm also planning on a complete brand space and some social media post to better simulate the company


Built from 0

HERMES is a fictitious company made for this particular project so everything related to it has been created carefully to fit into it's values

MongoDB & PostgreSQL

Still on development the idea is to combine mongo and postgre with Kafka to get the best of both

Lenis & GSAP Powered Animations

The Portal uses a combination of Lenis & ScrollTrigger to create Parallax and Smooth Scroll effects

Continuous Project

My plans for HERMES won't finish with this initial release and is something I'm still going to work on in the future in order to make an entire virtual infrastructure