Document Manager.

This page acts as a preview, more details and interactive elements will be added in further updates as well as an improvement on the design, meanwhile please take a look at Document Manager screenshots and visit the live and/or source code if opened to access


Closed tool developed for a private company, it works as a CRUD App to store, tag and share documents with security. Developed and Built optimized for the company infrastructure it uses laravel and SQL Server DB

The Tool is built focused on security, as it was made to share sensible datam it implements blocks and countermeasures for the most common attacks and reinforces the management with a role-based dynamic render of certain items


Security Core

As a tool built to store sensitive information it implements block measures and detections for a wide range of attacks

Role Based Render

To avoid certain low privileged users to manipulate data every element of the app is rendered according to user role

Server File Validation

The app gives users the chance to upload any kind of file but some servers verifications intercepts any file with suspicious content

Optimized for Customer

In order to avoid extra-costs and resources the solution has been entirely built in order to work efficiently on the customer infrastructure